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Sama refrains from promoting activities or experiences which have an adverse impact on the environment. Tourist highlights such as elephant riding, or animal orphanages that are known for animal cruelty would never be featured in our programmes. Before experiences find their way to your programme, they are vetted in great and meticulous detail by the passionate team at Sama.


When our itineraries are designed, we try to do more than simply match experiences - we try and get our travelers to be a part of the local community they travel to. We believe what makes the country unique, more than the sites or the history, is its people. So we try to incorporate a local element whenever possible, but this too is done in a manner it won’t disrupt the people or the environment in any way.   


Sama does not have any packages set in stone, as it believes in promoting Sri Lanka to the individual and not the masses. We all have dreams, likes and dislikes and having a standardized package would do nothing but bringing mediocrity to an otherwise enriching travel experience that Sri Lanka is capable of offering.


No one understands the importance of your tour as much as we do, for most travelers it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and is often the accumulation of a years savings to travel to this beautiful tropical isle. Hence we consult various experts when designing each programme in order to determine its sustainability and practicality. The programme is further analyzed by another member of Sama to ensure no errors are present. 


We don’t blindly recommend experiences or lodging unless we have experienced them ourselves. Even our hotels are selected to suit our travelers’ interests or requirements, we take proximity, service levels and suitability with the individuals profile into account. 


At Sama, everyone is respected equally, our clients, our guides, drivers, colleagues, hoteliers and all other suppliers. No one is made to feel less important and all activities of Sama are done in a way that does not negatively affect any of our valued individuals.


Sama strives to hear the three beautiful words at the end of each tour... Veni, Vidi, Amavi, which simply translates to I came, I saw, I loved!

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